INR 890
INR 1,890

Gully Scoop

Our lightest tennis bat ever with an added moisture wicking for precise control.

INR 1,290
INR 2,290

Gully Standard

India's favourite tennis ball bat for the most comfortable batting experience.

INR 1,490
INR 2,490

Gully Phantom

World's best tennis ball bat. Top 1% Kashmir willow & upgraded grip.

INR 2,250
INR 3,250

Elevar Kashmir

A dual purpose Kashmiri willow, versatile enough for both hard tennis and leather ball use.

INR 2,490
INR 3,490

Kashmir Phantom

Top 1% Kashmiri willow with upgraded grip technology, versatile for both hard leather ball use.

INR 1,690
INR 2,690


A city that never sleeps, with a spirit of gold and home to some true heroes like Sachin.

INR 1,690
INR 2,690


A city full of die-hard fans that would go to any lengths to support their team.

INR 1,690
INR 2,690


Lush garden spaces to modern IT parks, this city is now Captain Kohli's IPL address

INR 1,690
INR 2,690


The city binds all the strata of society with it's culture, enthusiasm and amazing sweets.

INR 1,690
INR 2,690


Rich with culture and beauty, they take pride in creating amazing players rather than buying them.

INR 1,690
INR 2,690


Bold, irresistible and passionate – that sums up Delhi and its cricketers across generations.

INR 1,690
INR 2,690


Also known as the Biryani Capital Of The World, it's a city of a variety of tastes.

INR 1,690
INR 2,690


A popular tourist attractions thanks to it's palaces. Jaipur is the home of this amazing team.

INR 1,690
INR 2,690


With a rich cricket heritage, the City Of Nawabs finally has a T20 squad to support.

INR 1,690
INR 2,690


The new team on the block looking to make an explosive impact in the game.



Dual-Shaped Handle

The top half of our trademark handle is built for precise control while the bottom half allows for maximum power in your strokes.


Polyurethane Grip

Our grips are designed specifically for optimal comfort for bare-handed use. Moisture wicking technology ensures better control.

The Balance was great ... In Tamil bat was "Marana Mass" ....I loved the bat handle and balance.

Ranga P.

5 out of 5! It's a beauty. Already racking up runs.

Shakthi T.

I love it! It totally stands out compared to any of my other bats.

Adarsh K.

Thank you for sending me this weapon of destruction!

Rehan T.

The handle makes such a big difference! Love it love it.

Aman S

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