Ergonomic Designed Handle

Our dual-shaped handle is engineered with rounded corners so that the bat rests perfectly within the ridges of your hands for maximum power and control.

Superior Grip Technology

Our grips feature active vibration dampening and unique moisture wicking technology to reduce the stinging sensation and better control.

Aerodynamic Blade Profile

We carefully select only the top 10% of the clefts we screen and engineer each aspect of the bat’s blade to ensure the perfect lift.

Loved playing with the Gully so I had to try this one too!

Gautam Yadav

5 out of 5! It's a beauty. Already racking up runs.

Shakthi T.

Thank you for sending me this weapon of destruction!

Rehaan T.

You guys are crazy innovative! This grip is Totally Different.

Sandeep K.

The most awesome bat in my collection! Loving the look

Amol P.

See It In Action

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