Three things really matter when it comes to designing a world class sports shoe


Our premium materials & precise engineering ensure we always deliver on all three.

Soft & Responsive

Revolutionary Sole Comfort

Made from tiny thermoplastic foam pellets called eTPU (expanded thermoplastic polyurethane), our revolutionary RYDEFOAMTM delivers to you the world's softest and most responsive sole cushion technology. The result is an unbelievably light running experience with the ultimate shock absorption.

Sock-Like Fit

Incredibly Flexible 3D Knit Material

Precisely engineered by weaving together strong yet flexible strands of fabric, The AEROKNITTM upper is designed to wrap your foot in a way that combines breathability to wear it all day along with the flexibility and stability you need during performance activities like running or training.

Injury Prevention Technology

Integrated Foot Support Mechanism

In our quality tested construction, three distinct pieces come together to form a system engineered to keep your foot from losing balance no matter the activity or terrain you wear it in.

Foam Locks | TPU Piece | Stabilizers

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