Ergonomic Handle Design

Dual-shaped handle with rounded corners to generate maximum power while hitting.

Top Hand

Top handle built to offer improved control & steering precision. Inspired by Katanas.

Bottom Hand

Wider bottom handle crafted to generate maximal bottom hand power.

Superior Grip Technology

Grips engineered for both tennis and season ball usage.

Vibration Dampening

Industrial grade vibration dampening technology to reduce the impact of stinging vibrations.

Moisture Wicking

Moisture wicking material to prevent bat from sliiping.

Aerodynamic Blade Design

Meticulously selected celfts, taken through a rigorous multi-stage quality control process.

Duck Billed Toe

Duck billed toe reduces drag during backlift and increases bat speed.

Balanced Weight Distribution

Weight evenly distributed to ensure maximum power and stroke in each shot.

The Balance was great ... In Tamil bat was "Marana Mass" ....I loved the bat handle and balance.

Ranga P.

The most awesome bat in my collection! Loving the look

Amol P.

5 out of 5! It's a beauty. Already racking up runs.

Anmol R.

The Balance was great ...I loved the bat handle and balance.

Harman B.

Overall very happy with the bat. Nothing less than 5 stars out of 5!

Amey K.

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