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Elevar Custom Bat

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INR 1,990
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INR 1,990
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Our trademark technology, now with customizable designs. Your bat, your way!

Pick from 4 unique design themes and the family that suits your batting style!

Available in Gully, Kashmir and English willow options

Our Engineered Willow, Trademark Singapore-Cane Dual-Shaped Handle and Premium Grip options. For the best comfort and control.

Our Custom Bats feature thick edges and a large sweet spot for an all-round powerful batting experience

Protective Toe Guard and Metallic Blue Bat Cover Provided

Size Guide

We have two size variants to choose from. Gully Cricket Size (Slightly longer blade), ICC Size (for adults)

Choose the Elevar Gully for tennis or rubber ball play, the Elevar Kashmir for season balls or hard tennis balls in large grounds.

Shipping & Exchanges

Custom Bats are non Returnable, since it will be customised accordingly for just you.

Free shipping and returns available on all orders! Domestic orders are usually delivered in 5-6 working days.


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