How To Play A Perfect Cover Drive & Straight Drive

How To Play A Perfect Cover Drive & Straight Drive

In this edition of ELEVATE YOUR GAME we walk you through how you can master the classiest looking shots in the game and add them to your batting arsenal.

The cover drive and the square drive are two shots might look similar but they are in fact very different from each other. The most basic difference between the Cover Drive and the Square is that in the Square Drive the ball is being played to square, slicing the field and finding the gap between the fielders at cover and point. The cover drive is played straighter, slicing the field between cover and extra cover.

When & How Do You Play The Cover Drive or Square Drive?

It’s important to understand that these 2 shots are critical for any batsmen as in most games the majority of balls are pitched around or a little outside off stump, so both these shots are very common. Both shots require the same build-up process.

Step 1 - You judge that the ball will be pitched either on or outside off stump

Step 2 - You ensure that the ball is overpitched.  Avoid driving to length balls as there is always a chance of late swing or bounce that gets the edge.

Step 3 - If the ball has pitched only a little outside off stump , plant your front foot towards the ball and go for the cover drive if wide outside off stump, plant your front foot a bit more opened and go for the square drive.

You adjust to these two shots by moving your head and shoulder towards the ball and once in position your hands and bat should follow. An important point to remember when you play any drive - you should try and play it as close to the body, so that your head is on top of it. Always bend your front knee & play late so you can get the power in your shot.

Well you might know all the good shots but knowing when to choose which one is the most important thing,  Keep practicing and remember, if the you don’t think you’ll be able to execute the shot, don’t follow through with it – it’s always okay to defend or leave the ball and save your wicket.