What We're All About

Changing The Game

We believe that irrespective of whether you're playing on the streets, sweating it out in the gym or performing in front of millions, you deserve the best sporting experience possible.

To ensure this, our team of engineers, designers and craftsmen make our products from the finest materials, marrying cutting edge thinking from biophysics, engineering and sport.

Our History

The Elevar Story

In 2017, our two co-founders - Kunal Joshi and Aayush Tapuriah set out with a simple belief that all great sports products and brands are built at the intersection of technology and design. Armed with this insight, they decided to tackle India's most popular sport head on - Cricket. They worked with like-minded individuals, including technology and sports enthusiasts to help kickstart this idea.


The Elevar Bat Range

For decades, the bat industry had been without any type of major innovation - resulting in bats that let us down in terms of performance, reliability and style.

In 2018, the launch of our engineered bats featuring our ergonomic handle design & grip innovation revolutionized the batting experience for thousands of everyday cricketers around the country.



The technology in sneakers is evolving at a rapid pace & every year the footwear giants release newer technology that takes athletic performance to the next level. However, for years we’ve felt that such technology has always been priced out of reach for several Indians.

Our goal with the The ARC RACER was to create a premium sneaker with cutting-edge technology at an affordable price point.

Men's ARC Racer

The Ultimate All-Purpose Sneakers. Made with world-class cushioning materials for superior comfort.

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Women's ARC Racer

Made with the best of materials & cutting edge technology, to give you a plush sensation on your feet.

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Men's Flybolt

Our latest running silhouette. Made with advanced sneaker technology & cushioning that makes you fly.

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Women's Flybolt

Our latest running silhouette. Made with advanced technology & cushioning that makes you fly.

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