How To Play The Dilscoop

How To Play The Dilscoop

Pioneered by T. Dilshan, in the 2009 T20 world cup in England. this isn’t the classiest of shots, but it’s definitely the cheekiest! What’s so special? Well, it’s a shot deliberately played directly over the wicket keeper’s head!

Played across continents and with different names like the Lap Shot / Ramp Shot - the Dilcoop as it's most popularly known might look incredibly cheeky when played right, but if it goes wrong, you might end up with a broken jaw. Which is why it's worth practicing with a tennis ball first.

Step 1 - Put your front foot across the wicket. Go down on one knee and open the face of the bat in the bowler’s direction. For this, you have to shift your grip - your lower wrist must open up with the face of the bat.

Step 2 - Generate the lift with your lower hand and use your wrist to direct the bat. The momentum will carry the ball to the rope.

Step 3 - The key is to time the moment you chose to lift the bat for this shot. Lift too early and it will go straight in the air for a catch, too late & you’re gonna hurt yourself.

Step 4 - Make sure to keep your head short (tucked in) as you play, though this will happen instinctively, make sure you don’t take your eyes off the ball too early either.

When Should You Play The Dilscoop?
  • Play it when the bowler is consistently bowling good line and lengths, the kind of deliveries that make it difficult to score runs on.
  • Finding it difficult to play your shots through the gaps in the field? Use this one.
  • Never play it to a full pitched delivery.  Check your shot if someone bowls too full, as you’ll never get the desired elevation.
  • Avoid playing this shot on slow wickets, or anywhere the bounce is keeping low.