How To Play The Helicopter Shot

How To Play The Helicopter Shot


Whenever someone talks about the helicopter shot, the first thing that flashes into our minds is the name of legendary Indian cricket captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni! Would you like to learn how you can perfect this iconic shot? Read on to find out.

Coined "The Helicopter" Shot for the way the shot is played - The swing of the cricket bat resembles the rotation of the blades of a helicopter. We had to have a go-to show you how you can send the ball way into the stands like Capt. Cool. Watch the video to learn how you can play this iconic shot and when are the apt times you can bring this devastating shot out against your opposition.


Here are some of the key steps to keep in mind before going out to try this shot:


Step 1 - You must wait for the ball by stepping on your back foot just a little behind, meaning one must sit a little deeper in the crease than usual. 

This is followed by opening the front foot once the line and length of the delivery have been picked, this must be done so that we have the space to maneuver the bat.


Step 2 -  Once your feet are in position, we must lift our bat a bit high, with our shoulders and wrists. This shot is all about using the wrists effectively.

The bat must be brought down from the high backlight with the wrist and contact must be made with the ball close to the feet or just in front of the front foot.


Step 3 - Post contact, the follow-through is key! It is almost like after contact, the bat goes high again in a circular motion like a helicopter blade.

What’s most important is that you use your wrists to generate maximum turn speed right at the bottom of this shot.  But Unlike other lofted shots, you don’t get a massive follow-through, but rather a big jerk at the point when the ball is struck.


When should you play The Helicopter Shot?

  • You can’t play the Helicopter to any ball you like
  • Always remember to play it only to overpitched deliveries or full to length balls.
  • This is a high risk-high reward shot, so be sure you’re ready for the risk when you’re playing the shot.
  • Playing a helicopter to a spinner is always tricky as you may not get enough distance against the turn.
  • And also when the ball is pitched too short for you. You won’t be able to get the contact desired.


Now that you know everything about the helicopter shot, it’s time for you guys to give it a try – remember practice and wrists is the key to this shot!