I really love the fact that I get speed, performance and comfort all at a reasonable price.

Ajeev W.

I simply love the cushioning! It's like I'm running on a trampoline with these on.

Hitesh R.

Whether I'm taking off or landing, I'm always able to find a stable footing.

Jayesh P.

Love the new colorway. I have been asking Elevar to introduce this color for flybolt. Finally, it's here, and home! Soon going to be my new running partner

Aatish M.

I can feel a noticeable difference in my overall motion when I run! I feel like I am gliding

Pratham G.


Unparalleled PERFORMANCE

1. You've Never Worn Anything Like It

Our proprietary RYDEFOAM sole technology gives you the perfect level of comfort and responsiveness for every step of your run,


2. No Middleman, Direct To You

We sell directly to you. That way we can skip all the excess retail mark-ups, commissions and brand ambassadors. So you get the best sneaker tech for way less.


3. We Obsess Over Our Customers

Shoes can be hard to buy without trying them on. That's whyyou can return the sneakers within 7 days for a full refund.However, 19 out of 20 customers keep their shoes.

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